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   Alabaster stone is a wonderful natural stone that has formed over millions of years along the river banks of Spain and mined in queries. Originally Alabaster stone was used for carving and sculpting artisan products and used around the world in churces, monasteries and mosques. Known for its translucency and soft texture; make it the perfect material for beautiful hand carved alabaster stone chandeliers. Alabaster stone is gypsum based and because of its softness artisans are able to carve the stone to create exquisite chandeliers and fixtures.


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  Alabaster stone comes in a variety of natural colors and is translucent and opaque, allowing light to filter through the sonte for a soft warm illumination making alabaster chandeliers and fixtures that boast sophistication and elegance. Alabaster stone veils and diffuses the light with strong natural veins. Because it is a natural stone, the coloring is never just white like manufactured glass, but actually features varying shades of white and random veining generally in grey-brown tones that enhance natural beauty. Alabaster stones imperfect coloring and veining assures the authenticity fixture.

  Shimmer Lighting offers a wonderful selection of genuine alabaster stone chandeliers and fixtures imported from Europe. Genuine alabaster chandeliers have dressed homes all over the world for years. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes and finishes to compliment any decor. Because the variety of alabaster chandeliers and fixtures available today, they work with both traditional and contemporary.

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chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, bohemian chandeliers, lighting

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chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, bohemian chandeliers, lighting