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Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Maria Theresa chandeliers, as these magnificant chandeliers are referred to be a styling from the 18th century Empress of Austria. While making a typical visit of state to France to the Palace of Versailles, the Empress was enchanted and amazed by the grace and stunning beauty of the crystal chandeliers of Louis XV's court. At that time, there were only a few chandelier craftsman in France and they were almost all exclusively patronized. The Empress ruled the Austrian Habsburg domains. She was the Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary and consort of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, she was one of the most effective rulers of the Habsburg Dynasty. Because the Empress was so impressed by the chandeliers, she had similar models made and installed in her Palace in Vienna. Today Maria Theresa chandeliers are a well known style and are displayed in homes all over the world. 

maria theresa chandeliers

The Maria Theresa chandeliers have such a timeless elegance that they are passed down from generation to generation becoming family heirlooms for most. Shimmer Lighting shares the Empress' appreciation for beautiful Maria Theresa chandeliers. We offer our clients the most exquisite Maria Theresa chandeliers available on the market today in a variety of sizes and shapes and are also able to go a step further and customize those sizes and shapes, also offering several finish options to meet the specific requirements of every client to create the perfect chandelier. Because we believe in our products, we pay close attention to the production of each and every piece available and meet the expectations of beauty without compromising the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that our clients have come to expect.

maria theresa chandelier
Shimmer Lighting is able to extend customization of sizes, lights and finishes of our Maria Theresa collection. Just contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer care staff toll-free at 1-800-819-4577 for help in creating your perfect chandelier today!

chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, bohemian chandeliers, lighting

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chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, bohemian chandeliers, lighting